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Fun food for the frugal!

Frugal may or may not be a good word to describe me. I can never seem to bring myself to spend money on a new pair of shoes because, well,  I’m broke. But  bring me to a farmers market or a tasty restaurant and I’m typically down to scrounge up what I have to pay for everything.


I don’t know why exactly.

It could be a combination of things. I don’t particularly  like shoes that much anyway. And and I just can’t seem to resist the fun I have with food.

This week, I’m extraordinarily excited because South Jersey is Goin’ South. That is, 10/11-10/15, a select few restaurants in the area will be featuring 4 course meals for $28/person celebrating the southern regions of five different countries!

Count me in, thanks. That’s some fun I will definitely be able to afford. 🙂

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Goodness, gracious, great balls of…falafel!

You heard right. Falafel. Delicious, deep fried, middle eastern comfort food at it’s (oopsies!) its best. You could call them little balls of joy if you’d like – I might start to after my dinner experience last night.

Around 10 p.m., my favorite vegetarian friend Tiffy and her lovely boyfriend Jeff popped by my apartment to join Johnny and I on a brief trip into Philly to obtain some little balls of joy (heh, you know it has a nice ring to it).  Our destination?  Maoz Vegetarian. A lovely little vegetarian restaurant with several international locations that specialize in – you guessed it – falafel!

For less than $10 a person you get a fluffy, homemade (white or whole wheat) pita filled with crispy falafel balls, hummus, and eggplant, your choice of belgian or sweet potato fries(which cost a little more but are always well worth it in my book) and a drink of your choice. My favorite part, I must say, was the toppings bar. It offered a dozen or so toppings, including: tahini, cilantro sauce, olives, beets, Israeli salad, and tabbouleh among several other tasty options.

I would definitely return to Maoz,
and I would return hungry!

falafel2 Here we have my  delicious, half eaten  sandwich. I chose to stuff  my pita with briny, green  olives, cilantro sauce,  and Israeli  salad (cucumbers,  tomatoes, and red  onion).


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An evening in Italy – sorta

The sensational aromas of garlic, tomato sauce and olive oil are still permeating in the air of my little apartment. Tonight’s meal was like a little trip back to Italy – sorta. (I say back because in the summer of 2008 I was privileged enough to take a two week Mediterranean cruise to Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, and Tunisia. It was an absolutely amazing trip! But lets get back to dinner, shall we…) My intention for tonight’s meal was a simple, traditional baked ziti. Yum. To my dismay, when I checked the pantry, all I had were farfalle (bowties) and spaghetti. LIGHTBULB! Spaghetti Pie!

I think one time I watched Giada De Laurentiis make a spaghetti frittata once, maybe that was my inspiration? Maybe I was just hungry. Either way, I decided to serve it was a lovely italian side dish – broccoli rabe. (more…)

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